What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that provides the organization and storage of the main files for the implementation and operation of the website or website, with the intention of sharing the site data with users within the global Internet.

This is what web hosting means: the web hosting company is the provider of web hosting services and reservation of domains and servers for individuals and companies such as Namecheap hosting and Hostinger host.

Web hosting is the main thing for a website to run on the Internet, which consists of:

Web Hosting

Website Design

Buy a domain

Buy accommodation

If either side of the above is absent, it cannot exist on the Web through a website. In this article, we will explain about the types of hosting and everything related.

Types of hosting in terms of server

What is web hosting in terms of types? The types of hosting are divided into two sections, the first section according to the type of main server. And the second section according to the operating system (Operating system)

Free hosting

Free hosting is one of the types of shared hosting because it is on a shared server and is the most requested for beginners.

Full dedicated server

It is the best type of experts and professionals and sites or large stores and means that buying a special server is to make the most of it (Hard disk – RAM – processor – motherboard) just for you and without your partner on this server. With the possibility of installing any program for your business or server management. It’s the most expensive.

Default server (the Privet Virtual Server- VPS)

In this type of server, the entire Dedicated Server is divided into more than one virtual VPS server through custom programs, and each client obtains its own control panel without affecting the other servers on the same server. And it is cheaper than a complete server.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is based on hosting your site on more than one VPS server in different parts of the world, which gives your site more advantages than regular hosting, such as protection, speed and stability of the hosting’s uptime.

Shared Hosting

The shared server is one of the types mentioned above (dedicated or VPS).

However, it is designed to accommodate more than one user at a time, which depends on the main hosting companies to provide a shared hosting service or reseller hosting. In this type of server, all server resources and capabilities are divided into all users so that each client has a special control panel to manage only the storage space obtained. No user on the server can install any program on this type of hosting because the hosting company sets conditions and controls for all users to maintain server performance.

WordPress Hosting

Custom WordPress on your Managed Wrdpress hosts one of the newest types of servers made specifically to host WordPress-based sites, which provide them with the best and fastest performance than traditional species, and is the most expensive among all Alastdavat types, and it is considered the site of the earth website of the best companies that offer great accommodation for any.

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