What is DNS and how to modify it

DNS or what is known as DNS: the system refers to the real IP address of the domain. For example, when a visitor writes XXXXXXXX.COM (YOUR URL HERE) in the browser’s URL bar, DNS servers look for the server associated with that domain by IP address, where the site is hosted on that server.

The purpose of the Domain Name System (DNS) is to distinguish each website with its own domain that is easy to remember instead of digital IP addresses that are difficult to remember. Website owners can simply change their DNS settings to point to a new server for their site if they wish to replace the existing site server with a new server through the domain control panel.

What is the name server

The name server contains a record to enter the DNS value of the domain. For example, if your site is hosted on Namecheap, the DNS value used will be the Namecheap NeemServer servers. Each domain must have at least two name servers. The first name server is the primary server, but if the primary server does not respond, the alternative secondary name server is used.

Hosting companies also allow users to obtain their own unique Nimes server. This service is called Premium DNS.

How to change the name server (Name Server)

It usually provides reservation companies domains to its customers through the easy-to-manage name server control panel, which is preferred if you are just beginning to reserve the scale and hosting of a company, so it is not necessary to change the settings of the DNS.

However, if a domain is reserved from a company other than the hosting company, the DNS configuration must be changed to refer to the domain name system of the hosting company.

For example, if you reserve a GoDaddy domain and your site is in another hosting site like Hostinger, this is how the DNS changes.

Go to GoDaddy.com and log in to your account.

After logging into the account, go to My Product, where you will find your domain, then click on DNS, after entering the DNS settings, go to Name Servers, then click on Custom to enter the NemServer of the server hosting and, once completed, click Save. It should be noted that you will not find much difference if you reserve a domain from a company that does not belong to Godaddy. Simply log in to your account, go to Domain Settings, then DNS Settings, then enter the Name Servers of your hosting company.

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