How to choose the right web hosting

How do we decide if a web host is good? Are the bandwidth and disk storage features still important today? What kind of hosting service should I visit? Let me help you discover the answers to these questions and more. I will guide you through a complete tour with a checklist designed to make sure you know exactly how to choose the right web hosting.

Know your accommodation needs

You can never get the right web hosting provider without knowing what you need. Then, before continuing, leave everything aside and think about what you really need.

What type of website are you building?

Do you want something popular (WordPress blog, maybe)?

Do you need Windows applications?

Do you need support for a specific script (like PHP)?

Does your website need special software?

How much is web traffic (or small)?

These are some basic questions that you must answer.

Consider what you want your website to be now, consider not only what you want to offer, but also what you may need. This finally comes down to a very simple fact. How many resources will you need for your site? If you are running a personal blog or a small to medium sized website, you are unlikely to need additional VPS host capabilities.

If you run a large commercial server or perform many e-commerce activities, a VPS or a dedicated server may be needed to manage more traffic and increase reliability.

At the end of the day, each option has its own level of costs and features, even between the two categories of web hosting that I have described here. Pay attention to details and meet the requirements of your website.

If you are brand new …

For newbies, a small simple rule starts with a good shared hosting account. A shared hosting account is cheap, easy to maintain and sufficient for most new sites. It also allows you to concentrate on building your site without worrying about other server-side tasks, such as database maintenance and server security.

Also, because hosting plans are expandable today, it is better to start with little and increase your website traffic. It will be more profitable and will allow your management skills to scale naturally with your website traffic.

Server reliability / runtime scores

Nothing is more important than having a 24/7 operational web server, after all, visitors to your website can come from time zones around the world. You need a static web host, either in terms of servers or network connections. 99.95% is a standard these days, even for shared hosting accounts; Any amount less than 99% is unacceptable. Premium accounts often have 99.99% or better playback times.

There are several different ways to obtain runtime information from the web host. The easiest way to do this is to simply track the monitoring tools of your web hosting server: many of these tools are available for free, or at least offer a trial period. They are very efficient and easy to use.

Multiple additional domains

Cheap domain names: very cheap indeed, it is often difficult to resist not having more than one. To accommodate these additional domains, we need additional hosting space. That is why it is important to have a web hosting account that allows you to add multiple domains.

In general, most of the budget-based shared hosting companies allow at least 25 additional domains * in one account at this time, but you can’t be sure. A few years ago, I was careless and signed up for a web server that allowed only one domain. Unfortunately, I kept more than 10 domains stationed at that time. Do not repeat my mistake: verify the capacity of your domain before making a purchase.

Subscription against renewal price

Accommodation offers, especially for shared hosting, are generally lower during subscription. Keep in mind that these prices often come with a much higher renewal price, so be careful before clicking «buy» on that plan that offers you an 80% subscription rate.

Refund policy and free trial period

If you choose to cancel your hosting plan during the trial period. think about the following:

Does the company offer a money back guarantee?

What is the refund policy of the host company after the trial period ends?

Is there a cancellation fee or additional charges?

These are some basic questions to solve before buying. It is important to know how your hosting provider handles customer refunds so you don’t lose a lot of money if things get worse.

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