Free hosting and its problems

If you are thinking of creating and designing a free hosting website, the answer is frank and honestly that you are making a serious mistake. In this article we will talk about whether it is really beneficial to work with blogger.

Many presents it as one of the best options since it is free but the truth Do you like I know that the answer of many will be Yes. But let me tell you that in no way you will not have the content of the free site and it can disappear between the plan and the other and all your work and effort can waste you, you simply cannot control what blogger can do on your site.

From there, I recommend you Do not fall into that error of exposing yourself to lose your job; At the moment there are very cheap web hosting services and it is at your disposal and available to everyone, which can cost you no more than $ 3 per month.

Disadvantages of free hosting

Limited web hosting space.

You cannot list interactive services such as chat rooms, forums, games, etc.

Search engines ignore free hosting sites, which means that the number of visitors to the site is limited.

Site visitors may doubt their credibility.

The company can place windows and advertisements on the pages of the site.

The site name is long and hard to remember instead of

There is no guarantee on the continuity of the site.

The company does not provide assistance or technical support.

It may not be free forever

Advantages of owning a domain and paid hosting

It’s easy to remember your domain name.

There are no windows or commercials.

It is easy to include the site in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

It has all the power to control the appearance and design of the site.

Different accommodation spaces according to choice.

Do not worry about the sudden disappearance of the site.

More professional and flexible services in design and listing.

Continuous technical support as stated 24/7/360

Don’t confuse free hosting with making money online

While I am surprised by the many who are thinking of establishing a private business or trading on the Internet without investing money for me, I have not seen or heard of a private business or business that has succeeded in free hosting. And if you don’t want to spend or invest money, I have a question, how serious is this project? There are few success stories for someone who has created a site on Blogger or other companies that offer free hosting. You can also lose credibility just because the domain name starts with freesite or blogspot and others, so you should not lose your credibility with your customers just because the site has been uploaded to a blog.

The best way to create and design a website.

Our recommendation is to reserve a domain and build the site from scratch and the registration process is very easy and you can search for the appropriate domain name for your business and reservation, then start the process of creating and designing the website you need to host the site that will provide all the services you need.

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