What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that provides the organization and storage of the main files for the implementation and operation of the website or website, with the intention of sharing the site data with users within the global Internet.

This is what web hosting means: the web hosting company is the provider of web hosting services and reservation of domains and servers for individuals and companies such as Namecheap hosting and Hostinger host.

Web hosting is the main thing for a website to run on the Internet, which consists of:

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How to choose the right web hosting

How do we decide if a web host is good? Are the bandwidth and disk storage features still important today? What kind of hosting service should I visit? Let me help you discover the answers to these questions and more. I will guide you through a complete tour with a checklist designed to make sure you know exactly how to choose the right web hosting,

Know your accommodation needs

You can never get the right web hosting provider without knowing what you need. Then, before continuing, leave everything aside and think about what you really need.

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Free hosting and its problems

If you are thinking of creating and designing a free hosting website, the answer is frank and honestly that you are making a serious mistake. In this article we will talk about whether it is really beneficial to work with blogger.

Many presents it as one of the best options since it is free but the truth Do you like blogger.com? I know that the answer of many will be Yes. But let me tell you that in no way you will not have the content of the free site and it can disappear between the plan and the other and all your work and effort can waste you, you simply cannot control what blogger can do on your site.

From there, I recommend you Do not fall into that error of exposing yourself to lose your job;

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What are the types of accommodation and what is the difference between them?

Before we begin to explain the types of accommodation, we must alert you, dear visitor, that free hosting plans may be acceptable at the initial stage, but day after day you will feel slow as the site continues to grow and receives more visitors, Then you must go to a paid plan that adapts to the growth of the site. But we never recommend using free plans.

If the shared accommodation is someone who lives in an apartment building (with many tenants sharing the same building), VPS accommodation will be equivalent to owning the apartment. While you can share some resources with neighbors, you are responsible for maintaining your property.

As for Cloud Hosting, it's like staying in the cloud, staying in a hotel or maybe sitting on the couch, you don't have a permanent home, but you always have a place to stay.

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What is DNS and how to modify it

DNS or what is known as DNS: the system refers to the real IP address of the domain. For example, when a visitor writes XXXXXXXX.COM (YOUR URL HERE) in the browser's URL bar, DNS servers look for the server associated with that domain by IP address, where the site is hosted on that server.

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